Project M.O.E


Map Out the Ego




STORY PURTGATORY As your world starts crumbling down, and you fall to dark gloomy depths of the underworld. The world of undead creatures, the word of your struggles. You start to find yourself with all these pain and weird feelings, like you wanna open up and scream. But before you get a chance something pops out of your chest, and starts running away from you, “Holy shit what the hell was that” you keep thinking to yourself,But the pain is so insane that you lose consciousness before you can even start to comprehend . Running away the creature that popped out of you starts giving a taste of life to these undead creatures, they all start waking up and some even start the chase and try to catch it, one of these creatures do, and boy did he not like that, he sends them all to a shock through a boom and starts running away.But In the process he loses one of its main core. Meanwhile you start to coming back to your senses, starting to fight this weary feeling and try to stand up. After a while, standing up you look around, inorder to find that thing and try to get it back, cause boy it seems like you are a bit bleeding, Taking a step … Hmm it seems this day won’t ever end, one of these undead creatures is shell shocked but has its thing wrapped around your leg, you bend to free yourself and …. AAAAAHHHHH ! the pain in the chest comes back once again unbearable you fall down on your knees and arch back and stretch something else starts to come out of your chest, from the same goddamn hole. Trying to figure out what's going on you see this thing from your chest, this one ain’t going nowhere (somewhere between being attached and not attached to your core-self) it wraps itself around you and goes behind you, you are free from the dead creature somehow so you decide to walk away and try to find the other thing. Moving forward one of the undead tries to move and get to you again but the thing on your back screams and scares the bejesus out of it. You start to like this thing, every time something tries to attack and cause you a problem, you just wait and here it comes screaming or even sometimes reaping them and butcher them into pieces. “Ain’t that fun” you start to think to yourself. You find yourself in a cave, wondering in you don’t see much undead creatures around but suddenly they come rushing at you 2-3… 4 of them you count, from all sides. You look at the thing on your back, just realizing at that moment that it has become 10times of what it was, it has now even attached itself to these undead creatures and feeds from them as well, you get scared a bit but hey what the hell now, he can protect you from these weird creatures, the thing wipes and shreds one creature after the other, and then starts roaring at them, and assuring its domination on them. The cave can’t handle the immense power and the sound of it and starts giving in and falling apart, on your head, scared from what it is and has become you try to make a run for it and get out of the cave. Nah Nah Nah …(batman) the thing drags you back threws you on to the ground and hovers over your head, it looks you dead in the eye, it screams at you,to prove who is the boss, scared SCARED! you look away. Your eye are caught by something shiny, it's the core of the other thing, it looks sharp, you try to reach it and then try to stab the thing out of you, you try to cut the source from yourself. Who would have thought !!! you somehow did manage to get free, you make a run for it, crawling through the hole to the other side of the cave. You get to a lake, you look back and see the thing coming at you, hey you don’t know how to swim but hell with it you try to SWIM for it to the other side anyway, seems better alternative than being devoured right ?! On the other side you find the first thing that ran away, look back you find the other thing, it's drowning, and its getting smaller and smaller. Looking at it you can’t help but to feel that you have to help it, even though you can’t swim, you jump back into the lake and grab and take hold of its TAIL? You drag it out, you look it in the eye and …. !
we hear a sound of a man in pain we notice a human shape figure trying to get up through the muds.
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"What sings a song is a snake ..."
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"...Whats holding up is a mirror"
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"whats coming through is alive ..."